+48 48 66 10 142
+48 48 66 10 142
In our family, cultivation of apple trees, love for 
the land and respect for the surrounding nature
are passed on from generation to generation.
The quality of our products is confirmed by the certificates we have obtained
Management System according to the BRC standard
Quality control, safety and the highest standards of hygiene are key issues in the production of Royal apple juices. We are proud to announce that our Production Plant has just received a certificate approving the Management System according to the BRC standard for the production of NFC juices
IFS Food
ISO 2018 Certyficate
Sorting and packing as well as transport of fruit and vegetables, gluing cardboard packaging for fruit and vegetables, supplying with technology, knowledge and gardening chemicals. Production of fruit juices.
Meet Good Food
Certificate for natural apple + blackcurrant juice.
Quality Tradition
Quality Tradition
Quality Tradition
Quality Tradition
Quality Tradition
Ecological certificate for fruit and fruit and vegetable juices.
Master taste
Kosher certificate

Our dream was to share this passion with others - that's how Activ was founded in 1996. We operate in the very center of fruit and horticulture in Poland, where we source the highest quality raw materials for the production of juices and ciders. We support Polish fruit growers in implementing innovative technologies that reduce the use of chemicals in production and in the development of pro-ecological fruit cultivation.

Meet our juices!
International food safety standard
BRC Food
British Retail Consortium Food standard
Threat Analysis and Critical Control Points System
Kosher certified and halal certified

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