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+48 48 66 10 142
In our family, cultivation of apple trees, love for the
land and respect for the surrounding nature are passed
on from generation to generation.
Have too much fruit? You don't know how to manage them?
Nothing easier... if you have a minimum of 300 kg of fruit, we will produce a healthy juice for you from your own crops.

The juice is pressed using the "cold" pressing method and thermally preserved through a mild pasteurization process, thanks to which it retains the natural taste and all the nutrients contained in fresh fruit. It has naturally occurring sugars in fruit and its taste and color depend on the variety and degree of ripeness of the fruit. We do not add any chemical fixatives or preservatives.

The juices are poured into Bag in Box packaging in 3l and 5l volumes.

Our dream was to share this passion with others - that's how Activ was founded in 1996. We operate in the very center of fruit and horticulture in Poland, where we source the highest quality raw materials for the production of juices and ciders. We support Polish fruit growers in implementing innovative technologies that reduce the use of chemicals in production and in the development of pro-ecological fruit cultivation.

Meet our juices!
International food safety standard
BRC Food
British Retail Consortium Food standard
Threat Analysis and Critical Control Points System
Kosher certified and halal certified

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If you have any questions about our offer and cooperation, please contact us. We will be happy to answer any question.
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